Month: November 2018

Save Money – While Looking Wealthy

  There are a lot of us out there who want to make sure that we keep up with the fashion trends and look like we’re well off – but we don’t really have the income in order to make that happen effectively. Are we stuck buying off of the discount rack forever? How do

Fun Ways to Propose

You can ask for her hand in marriage in a fun way and make it an event to remember. When you go out of your way to show your love and how much you want her to be yours forever, you’ll get the best reaction from that very important question you are asking her. No

There are different levels of custom when it comes to jewelry

What is custom jewelry? Well it depends on who you speak to. Let’s imagine that you commission custom jewelry Las Vegas to make something that is specific only to you. You give them a design of exactly what you want to be made. In the words of high-class tailoring, it is bespoke. It is your

Because jewelry can break

We don’t think of our jewelry as being delicate and sensitive, but if you have ever seen the jewelry which came off the worse in an altercation with a washing machine or with the door of a safe in a hotel room, you’ll know that this hard-wearing hard talking material can be damaged. It is