The Prestigious Patek Philippe; an Introduction

This is a short article for all those of you who have aspirations of going beyond the occasional wearing of jewelry. Not only that, you would like to be seen as a collector of some of the world’s finest stock. But perhaps you knew this already. This is going to be quite an expensive habit. And then there is still the challenge of locating some of the rarest items of note.

Take the famous Patek Philippe, for instance. It is he who fashioned and engineered the iconic watch. Now, this habit is not beyond you and you can at least make a start. Would you be interested in looking at a few used patek philippe watches in the meantime?

Now, it may not be possible even for you to travel all the way to Switzerland, and one thing that is also certain, none of the finest jewelry boutiques will be stocking used items. But you can source them online. It’s just that you may have to be a little careful with this enterprise.

Perhaps the Patek Philippe collection of watches will not present you with too much of a challenge in terms of avoiding the online scam artist because (perhaps) these dealers may not even have heard of this rare collection. But a reputable, certified collector will have.

Read and watch how he brims over with enthusiasm as he takes a lucky group of enthusiasts on a tour of some of the most famous watch museums in Europe, particularly in Paris and across the border in Switzerland.  Even a trip to one of these museums is a rare event. The watch collector has informed his guests that such trips will be arranged by appointment only.

Currently, Patek Philippe watches are still being manufactured. Used watch collectors will have to look out for prominent features to ensure that they have acquired authentic versions. Features to look out for are as follows. The iconic watch has a unique split-second feature. It also has a minute repeater as well as a perpetual calendar.

All things being equal, it really is necessary to do your research on this matter. That is to say, you want to become a fine and bespoke collector of antique and prestigious timepieces. It is an expensive hobby, to be sure, but in time, if you pardon the expression, a small collection accrues in value.

So perhaps the later challenge will be in finding an investor who is prepared to pay top dollar for your work. Or underwrite it to its true value. Finally, go as far back in history when researching the background of famous brands. In the case of Patek Philippe, for instance, you’ll be beginning your research around the middle of the nineteenth century.

It is hoped that you enjoyed this short piece. Here is to hoping that someday soon, you will find the courage to make a start to your exceptional collection, standing tall but rare among so many equals.