There are different levels of custom when it comes to jewelry

What is custom jewelry? Well it depends on who you speak to. Let’s imagine that you commission custom jewelry Las Vegas to make something that is specific only to you. You give them a design of exactly what you want to be made. In the words of high-class tailoring, it is bespoke. It is your design. You probably had some discussion on the materials but you would never expect to see another person wearing something even similar to yours.

Then one level up from that is where a jeweler carefully constructs a limited range of designs with the specific aim of creating a line. In this case, then there could be items which are similar maybe even identical at first glance, but what you are doing is ensuring there are only a few pieces around which look like yours. Incidentally, identical is not going to happen. Very similar no problem, but identical at this level of the market is not happening.

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Slightly more refined on this theme, might be a variation specifically for you – an upgrade on the materials, for example, doubling the value of the stones or the amount of gold. It still has the designer’s cachet but – assuming they are will to do it – it is also something special and unique.

Then there is a type of jewelry which is designed once, probably cast as mold and then reproduced over and over. This is the mass production of jewelry and has very little in common with the situations outlined above.

Choosing a jeweler is like choosing a spouse. You have to trust and believe in them on little more than a gut feeling. You don’t even get to date. But you can check out the references. Good luck!